Alyson Jones, M.A. '96 M.A. in Counselling Psychology

"I am committed to de-stigmatizing counselling and   
educating the  community of how counselling can  
provide a map for healing, growth and  exceptional living." 
-Alyson Jones, M.A. '96 

"I am committed to de-stigmatizing counselling and
educating the community of how counselling can
provide a map for healing, growth and exceptional living."
-Alyson Jones, M.A. '96

Alyson Jones graduated from the Adler Vancouver Campus in 1996 with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She is the President and Clinical Director of Alyson Jones & Associates in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Q: Tell us about your work. 

Alyson: I am the Clinical Director of Alyson Jones & Associates, which is one of the largest private counselling centers in British Columbia. In 2008 I purchased a practice from a well-known Adlerian psychologist, Clair Hawes. I took the practice to a whole new level by bringing together a group of like-minded professionals who are committed to counselling as an opportunity for growth. The center is based on my MORE Philosophy, and in 2013 I published my first book M.O.R.E. A New Philosophy for Exceptional Living. Presently, we have 13 therapists practicing out of the office and providing a large variety of services. In my personal practice I am a Child and Family Therapist, Mediator and Parent Coordinator. I specialize in assisting families through divorce and separation, and am committed to moving conflict towards constructive resolution. 

Q: What is your impact on the individuals or communities with whom you work?

Alyson: One of my passions is reshaping the way the community views counselling. I am committed to de-stigmatizing counselling and educating the community of how counselling can provide a map for healing, growth and exceptional living. 

I also launched a MORE Scholarship in the fall of 2013 aimed at inspiring youth. The scholarship is for a high school student who is willing to travel an exceptional path, take healthy risks and dare to be different. I believe we need to inspire our youth and assist them in learning to discover, and hold onto their unique selves in this fast paced world. The successful candidate for the MORE scholarship will also demonstrate an understanding of Social Interest and develop paths of contribution back to the community.

I have been fortunate to have been involved in many public dialogues on how to grow through adversity, how to bring leadership back to parenting, and how to transform conflict into a platform for change and resiliency. 

Q: How did your Adler University experience affect where you are today?

Alyson: Adler has had a great impact in my life. My master’s degree connected me with a community of people that were committed to the concept of Social Interest and assisted me in deepening my understanding of how I could be of service.  I also obtained practical skills during my degree, which I was able to bring to my clients immediately upon graduation, and a love for learning that has allowed me to add to my therapeutic toolbox as the years have passed.  

I have remained highly connected with the Adler community. Now, I am an adjunct professor at the Adler University Vancouver Campus. I teach the Parent Education course in the Masters of Counselling Psychology program. I love teaching this course as I believe in the power of parent ducation. I am grateful to work with the students entering the field of counselling.

Q: Was there a particular Adler University faculty member or experience as a student that has most influenced you, and why?

Alyson: I was fortunate to have many great professors when I was a student. Both Sheila Boyce and Bob Armstrong were outstanding professors and helped me realize my potential as a therapist. I am thrilled now to be part of the adjunct faculty and deeply appreciated the leadership of Dr. Larry Axelrod.

Q: What career accomplishment have you found most fulfilling, or considered your greatest professional accomplishment?

Alyson: I launched my book M.O.R.E. on my 50th birthday on Nov. 4, 2013, and I must say that this was not only my greatest professional accomplishment, but also a highlight in my life. The last chapter of my book is titled “Go Home and Go Big”, and there is no doubt that this was that moment for me. My passion and purpose are aligned, and this brings a balance to my life. The challenge for me is which of the amazing opportunities I should pursue next. What a wonderful challenge to have!

Q: What is the single most important piece of career advice you can give someone in your field?

Alyson: Be clear with your clients with what you can do for them. The best way to overcome the misconceptions that surround the counselling field is to provide your clients with practical tools and life strategies. 

Q: What advice can you give a student just joining Adler University?

Alyson: I encourage my students to be authentic and imperfect. The only way to become exceptional in this field is to give up perfectionism. Dig into the real world and grasp the learning that mistakes and mishaps provide.

Q: Anything personal you’d like to add?  

Alyson: Life is a great adventure, and I am blessed with 14 year old twins and a loving husband with whom I am able to enjoy this exceptional journey. Enjoy the journey, and dig deeply into your life.