Alumni Ambassadors

Become an Alumni Ambassador.

Become an Alumni Ambassador.

Adler University Alumni Ambassadors

The Alumni Ambassador program is comprised of Adler University alumni volunteers who have agreed to serve as a resource for various levels of programming in Adler University's community. This is an opportunity for alumni to give back to the University and for students to benefit from our graduates’ experience. 

Alumni may offer their support, guidance and expertise by:

Our graduates can serve as an Alumni Ambassador by:

  • Mentoring. Be a mentor for a single student or a small group.
  • Developing. Direct professional development workshops for alumni and current students.
  • Discussing. Lead a Roundtable for students seeking advice on a variety of topics.
  • Networking. Attend campus student organization networking events to help facilitate connections and advise students on the current job market and their field.
  • Sharing. Tell us about your success in an alumni profile. Contribute to our blog.
  • Visiting. Work with staff to visit alumni and donors to support fundraising efforts.
  • Encouraging. Ambassadors are asked to attend open houses and/or be available via phone or email to answer prospective students’ questions and provide insight into the Adler University experience.
  • Speaking. Campus student organizations want alumni speakers for programs and events.
  • Interviewing. Attend Student Interview Days and meet the next generation of Adler University practitioners. Perform mock interviews with current students as they prepare for practicum, internship, and job interviews.

We are always looking for creative ways for alumni to volunteer. If you have a different idea for how you would like to give back, contact us. Email our Office of Alumni Relations to join the Alumni Ambassador program or discuss your ideas.