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Support our current students.

Support our current students.

Professional Development Scholarship

The Adler University Alumni Board supports Adler University's Professional Development Scholarship. This scholarship is available to current Adler students who need funding to support learning experiences such as presenting or participating in field-related conferences, workshops, and training. These experiences are important to students’ growth and professional development.

The Office of Student Affairs and the Alumni Board support students in these learning experiences through the Professional Development Scholarship. Two types of scholarships are available. The scholarship amount varies depending on available funds, amount of applicants, and the nature of each applicant request.

  • Scholarships for students who are presenting at a conference (e.g., poster presentation, paper, or panel). The maximum scholarship is $350.
  • Scholarships for students who are attending conferences, workshops, or trainings. The maximum scholarship is $200. Exact scholarship amounts vary depending on available funds, the number of applicants, and the nature of each applicant’s request.

To support this scholarship, visit our online giving form and select “Student Professional Development Scholarship.”