Online Modality

Now accepting applications 
for our May 2020 start.

Now accepting applications
for our May 2020 start.

Online Instructional Modality

The online modality of our Clinical Mental Health Counseling program is designed for students who want to complete the program in a distance learning format. All courses will be delivered online using the university’s learning management system. In addition to online engagement and learning, four courses will have face-to-face teaching and evaluation components required prior to entering practicum, which will be conducted during a 5-day residency week during the first and second years. The courses include:

  • Counseling Skills (First-year Residency)
  • Counseling Multicultural Communities (First-year Residency)
  • Group Counseling (Second-year Residency)
  • Treatment Planning & Intervention (Second-year Residency)

Residency Week Schedule

  • For the Spring 2020 Cohort: March 9th – 13th, 2020
  • For the Summer 2020 Cohort: July 6th – 10th, 2020

Residency weeks will take place on the Chicago Campus:
17 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60602.

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Online Learning at Adler

Adler University approaches online learning with the same commitment to academic excellence and student support that has been the hallmark of our 65-year history. Our innovative online graduate courses deliver an engaging, interactive learning experience designed to accommodate your busy schedule.

Our online courses are eight (8) weeks in length. Each week, students are expected to review the course materials, participate in learning activities, and complete required assignments. All online courses will have synchronous components, which will require students to attend videoconferencing classes at a predetermined time.

Our easy-to-use online learning system—Canvas—allows you to explore course materials and interact with instructors and classmates through a variety of web-based tools and features:

  • Audio and video lectures and presentations
  • Video conferencing
  • Discussion boards
  • Document and video downloads
  • Simulations and role-playing
  • Online chat

Supervision and Observation

Through the Master of Arts in Counseling: Specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling online modality, great emphasis is placed on students’ engagement in a learning community which allows interaction and collaborative learning.  Throughout the program, students will be receiving feedback from their professors as well as from their peers.  Through live supervision and observation via videoconference, we aim at the development of students’ clinical skills and ability to relate to their diverse clients and other professionals. 

Adler University currently uses the latest technology for its videoconferencing platforms which enable asynchronous and live conferences for seminars and weekly live individual, triadic, and group supervision during students’ field experiences.

Video-conferencing systems are password protected with point-to-point transmissions which means interceptions are not allowed. These HIPAA-compliant technologies provide for on-demand Internet-based video conferencing capability between participants both on- and off-campus. All recordings will be stored in secure servers within Adler’s network system which can be accessed through passwords and privileged user accounts.

Field Training & Placement

Social Justice Practicum
Unique to our institution is the Social Justice Practicum, a nonclinical experiential practicum completed by all Adler University students to cultivate the skills for becoming agents of social change. Working with our network of hundreds of community partners, students develop the practical knowledge and understanding of what it means to engage with communities and be a socially responsible practitioner.

Students will identify quality non-profit organizations which carry a mission in social justice and advocacy in their local or preferred areas. The Online SJP Coordinator will assist and approve the establishment of the training sites.

Clinical Practicum and Internship
A critical part of the program is clinical skill development. The Online Clinical Training coordinator will assist students to identify quality organizations which provide clinical mental health counseling and related services in their local or preferred area. All clinical training sites are vetted and approved by the Online Clinical Training coordinator.

Students complete extensive field training, which provides opportunities to apply theory, counseling skills, and formulate treatment strategies with clients in a variety of hospitals, clinics, mental health centers, community organizations, and government agencies. Throughout the fieldwork, students receive close mentorship and clinical supervision by faculty. This training consists of a minimum 100-hour practicum and 600-hour internship, typically at the same site.

Sample Program of Study for Students in the Online Modality

Click here for a sample program of study for students in the online modality.