Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy

Learn more about our Emphasis in  
Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy.

Learn more about our Emphasis in
Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy.

Emphasis in Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy

Adlerian theory is a strength based and collaborative practice that emphasizes encouragement, belonging, and empowerment. We examine past and present conscious and nonconscious motivations and schemas or convictions in their social-cultural context.  We conceptualize symptom development from a biopsychosocial viewpoint emphasizing the reaction to lack of felt equality and belonging in the community. 
Adlerian theory combines systemic, cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic theory.  Systemic in that we understand clients’ conscious and unconscious motivations and behaviors after reviewing the multiple systems and relationships they are embedded in.  Adlerians examine the current cognitive schemas and behaviors and value understanding clients using a biopsychosocial approach.  We inquire about the dynamics of the family of origin and value the therapeutic relationship. Click here for emphasis requirements.

Impact of Some Adlerians & Adler: 

  • Person-Centered Therapy, Existential Therapy, Cognitive Theory, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Logotherapy, Strategic therapy, Constructivist therapy, Positive Psychology, and Family Therapy can trace their origins in Adlerian ideas (Carlson & Englar-Carlson, 2017).
  • Mamie and Kenneth B. Clarks’ dolls studies influence the decision in favor of not segregating children in school in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka.
  • The school founders’ Rudolf Dreikurs, Bernie Shulman, and Harold Mosak helped to establish the Illinois Psychological Act creating the license for clinical psychologists.
  • Adlerian parent education and Adlerian play therapy are Evidence-Based Practice.

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