Work with individuals to maximize their 
wellbeing and performance.

Work with individuals to maximize their
wellbeing and performance.

Master of Science in Sport and Human Performance

The Master of Science in Sport and Human Performance provides students with a comprehensive foundation in theories and methods of performance enhancement. This program promotes the best practices within the field of sport psychology coupled with Adler University's emphasis on socially responsible practice. Graduates will be eligible for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant credential and work with individuals who wish to maximize their psychological wellbeing and performance.

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to conduct evidence-based and ethical practice with (a) the knowledge of the psychological constructs, theories and related assessments of human performance, and (b) the ability to implement performance enhancement strategies and techniques.
  • Demonstrate an ability to connect the symbiotic relationship between the physiological and psychological aspects of sport and human performance in order to develop a multidisciplinary approach to case conceptualization and intervention strategies for collaboration and/or consultation.
  • Apply theories and skills to counsel diverse client populations and be familiar with clinical issues and diagnoses with ethical and multicultural considerations.
  • Develop a proficiency in evaluating literature, research methods, and interpretation of research results and apply evidence-based practice
    in sport and human performance consultation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct sport and human performance consultation, and accurately evaluate delivery methods and the effectiveness of psychological skills programming for individual, team/group, leaders and/or organizations.
  • Reflect on personal values and assumptions about the nature and causes of social problems and gain experience and skills to advocate for systemic change through engagement and leadership in multi-disciplinary, diverse community-based organizations.
  • Apply principles of Adlerian theory such as purposeful behavior and goaldirected behavior, and the role of social interest in sport and human performance consultation with the goals to improve well-being of individuals, teams, groups and organizations within a diverse society.