Addressing organizational challenges 
through applied psychology.

Addressing organizational challenges
through applied psychology.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Overview

Industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology is one of psychology’s fastest-growing specialties: the scientific study of how human beings shape the business world, and how businesses shape human beings, the groups to which they belong, and the communities in which they live. I/O professionals apply that expertise to working with individuals, groups, organizations, communities, and systems to promote both human and organizational health.

Our comprehensive program trains students in the critical areas of strategy and measurement, staffing, learning and development, talent management, and performance management. We prepare I/O professionals with insight, innovation, and direction to address today’s complex organizational issues of workplace diversity and inclusiveness, employee performance, change management, workplace safety, organizational culture, team building, and more.

Adler University applies a unique emphasis on social justice and inclusion. We do so through intensive online coursework and real-world experience through a community engagement project that supports resume-building success toward employment after graduation.

Our students are well-prepared for a wide range of in-demand positions in industries as diverse as healthcare, biotechnology, marketing, engineering, banking, and manufacturing. In the industrial area of practice, I/O practitioners may work in recruitment, selection, and placement; compensation and benefits; performance management; job analysis, research, survey development and validation; measurement of training effects; safety and performance issues related to human factors; and consumer behaviors. In the organizational area of practice, I/O practitioners may work in organizational culture and diversity; organizational change; organiza­tional development; leadership development; group and team dynamics; instructional design and training development; motivation and rewards; work-life balance; and organizational branding.

Our unique emphasis on socially responsible practice means our students and faculty embrace a broad range of perspectives and theoretical approaches. They work to build and maintain bridges across social, economic, cultural, racial, and political systems through practice. They empower others to identify and address shared problems, and foster the development of social equality, justice, and respect through compassionate action.

The 36-hour program can be completed in as little as 12 months, and features elective coursework across up to three unique concentrations.


As part of the online M.A. in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology, students will select from three specialized concentrations – Data Science, Training and Development or Human Resources Management – tailored to their desired career path.

  • The Data Science concentration is geared for students who want to become experts at analyzing data and using it to make informed, socially responsible decisions that impact their organizations. Students in this concentration will learn key principles of data collection and analysis, various models and uses of the data science lifecycle, and how to navigate through several major data analytics platforms.
  • The Training and Development concentration prepares students to analyze and create effective training and development programs from a strategic, organization-wide standpoint. As part of the concentration, students learn how to build, improve, and implement programs inclusive of the organization’s various populations, including e-learning programs, needs assessments, and performance development.
  • Students in the Human Resources Management concentration learn to view human resources from a strategic perspective to help an organization meet its goals and objectives. In the concentration, students will focus on designing comprehensive human resource programs, understanding risk management, and navigating change management within an organization. Graduates of the program will also be prepared to pursue the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification.

Online Format

Offered exclusively online, coursework to complete this degree can be completed in as little as 12 months. This enables students to advance their education while keeping up with other life and work commitments.

Integrating state-of-the-art technology, our rigorous online programs are engaging, interactive, and student-centered with a focus on accessibility. Our innovative coursework is developed and delivered by qualified subject matter experts who are trained in online instruction and supported by a dedicated team of instructional designers and multimedia experts.

Our online students receive training and mentorship from faculty and supporting staff to prepare for their online courses. They also benefit from an academic advisor who acts as their personal coach from the day they enroll.