Designed for professionals at 
all levels of nonprofit experience.

Designed for professionals at
all levels of nonprofit experience.

M.A. in Nonprofit Management Overview

The nonprofit sector has rapidly grown over the last decade. Today, it employs the United States’ third-largest labor force, and is a major structural and economic force abroad. Demand—and opportunity—continues to grow for nonprofit administrators who have strong technical skills, the capacity to build relationships, and the ability to effectively engage communities.

Preparing professionals for this fast-growing field, Adler University’s Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management  program is designed for recent college graduates; working or mid-career professionals, board members, and philanthropists seeking to advance their knowledge and careers; and those interested in changing careers or starting nonprofit organizations.

Our comprehensive program prepares nonprofit administrators with the skills necessary to build, lead, and sustain healthy organizations—skills that include managing employees, overseeing daily operations, and cultivating effective partnerships. At the same time, our program uniquely focuses on socially responsible practice and the real-world application of theoretical approaches that address the social, organizational, and cultural issues that affect nonprofits. Students are trained in practices that build effective systems for maximizing collaboration, ownership, inclusion, and engagement—both among employees within the organization and stakeholders in the community.

Our School’s unique emphasis on social justice and inclusion is integrated throughout our intensive online coursework, as well as real-world experience through community engagement projects that support career success after graduation. Our students are well-prepared for a wide range of positions with nonprofit organizations of local, regional, national, and international scope: in education, philanthropy, human service, advocacy, business and labor, healthcare, science, the arts, and much more.

Our unique emphasis on socially responsible practice means our students and faculty embrace a broad range of perspectives and theoretical approaches. They work to build and maintain bridges across social, economic, cultural, racial, and political systems through practice. They empower others to identify and address shared problems, and foster the development of social equality, justice, and respect through compassionate action.

Online Format

Offered exclusively online, all program requirements can be completed in two years while taking two classes per semester. This enables students to advance their education while keeping up with other life and work commitments.

Integrating state-of-the-art technology, our rigorous online programs are engaging, interactive, and student-centered with a focus on accessibility. Our innovative coursework is developed and delivered by qualified subject matter experts who are trained in online instruction and supported by a dedicated team of instructional designers and multimedia experts.

Our online students receive training and mentorship from faculty and supporting staff to prepare for their online courses. They also benefit from an academic advisor who acts as their personal coach from the day they enroll.