Providing a foundation in 
theory and methodology.

Providing a foundation in
theory and methodology.


The Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology is a 59-credit hour program. Successful completion of this program includes the core courses, and your choice of two of the five elective courses listed below.

Course offerings include:

  • Professional Development Seminar I & II
  • Introduction to Adlerian Psychology and Psychopathology
  • Multicultural Counselling for Diverse Populations
  • Counselling Skills and Interventions
  • Theories of Psychotherapy
  • Social Justice Practicum I & II
  • Ethical Practice for Counselling Psychology
  • Advanced Counselling Skills and Interventions
  • Research in Counselling Psychology
  • Biopsychosocial Bases of Health and Dysfunction
  • Individual Appraisal for Counsellors in Practice
  • Trauma Theory and Practice
  • Pre-practicum Counselling Skills Lab
  • Preparation for Thesis
  • Practicum Seminar I & II
  • Practicum I & II
  • Thesis I, II & III
  • Structural and Sociocultural Bases of Health and Dysfunction
  • Effective Couple and Family Therapy
  • Group Psychotherapy

Elective course offerings (choose two):

  • Introduction to Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Lifestyle and Career Development
  • Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy
  • Introduction to Addictive Disorders
  • Introduction to Sex Therapy

Course Descriptions

Find course descriptions and more information in the Adler University course catalog.