Train to improve community 
mental health.

Train to improve community
mental health.

Master's (M.A.) in Counselling Psychology

  • Work as a counselling professional and help diverse populations cope with life’s challenges.
  • Earn your degree in two years of full-time study through small, intimate classes.
  • Work with leaders who embody Adler’s unique focus on socially responsible practice.
  • Develop your professional identity and research skills through the completion of a masters’ thesis.

Our Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program prepares community mental health counsellors to be socially responsible practitioners in Canada’s public and private sectors. Students gain a strong foundation in counselling theories and methods and are trained to be self-reflexive, ethically aware clinicians.

Our practitioner-focused program empowers students with the comprehensive knowledge and skills to successfully provide therapeutic services for individuals, groups, and families in a broad range of community and clinical settings.

We offer an immersive learning experience that brings together real-world training with a focus on socially responsible practice—all led by experts in the field. Students learn through a rigorous curriculum focused on serving diverse populations across the lifespan through research-based counselling theories and techniques.

Adler University is a recognized pioneer in graduate education, training scholar-practitioners who are committed to a more just society.


Service Canada projects positive job growth and need for counsellors. Our mission-driven program is designed to prepare counselling professionals to work with individuals, families, and groups to address specific mental and emotional health issues across a range of settings.These include:

  • Community organizations
  • Human service agencies
  • Community clinics
  • Mental health centres
  • Private practice

Our innovative program aligns with the requirements of the registering bodies for master’s level counsellors in British Columbia and Canada (the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association).

Professional Development & Training

Gain the knowledge and skills to create real change for individuals and communities. Our diverse faculty brings together rigorous classroom learning with individualized mentorship and hands-on professional experience. Under the guidance of a faculty committee, our Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology students also engage in a rigorous and systematic investigation for the purpose of completing and defending a thesis, often required for doctoral work in counselling psychology.

Unique to our institution are two intensive practicums. The first is the Social Justice Practicum, a nonclinical experiential practicum completed by all Adler students to cultivate the skills for becoming agents of social change. Working with our robust network of community partners, students develop the practical knowledge and understanding of what it means to engage with communities and be a socially responsible practitioner. The second is the clinical practicum, which is a 700 hour counselling practicum that offers extensive training in the field, and focuses on the clinical work and principles of counselling in settings such as community organizations, mental health organizations, and private practice.

Community Learning, Format, & Support

Our program is designed to be completed in two years of full-time study, including summer terms. We offer two starts dates for enrollment—in September and January—and, in addition to daytime classes, courses are offered evenings and weekends for flexibility of scheduling.

When you enroll, you join a community of students who will take classes together throughout the course of the program. Our model emphasizes collaboration, communication, connection, and camaraderie among students.

Our program environment is characterized by Adlerian encouragement, empathy, genuine care, with the expressed purpose of supporting the personal and professional growth of each of our students based on their interests and professional focus.

Upon graduation, you will become a member of the University’s Alumni Association, which along with our Office of Alumni Affairs, provides extensive ongoing networking and professional development opportunities.