Tuition & Fees

An advanced degree is an investment 
in yourself—and your future.

An advanced degree is an investment
in yourself—and your future.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition for Adler University’s Online Campus programs is charged each term according to the number of registered academic credits. The number of credits a student will register for varies by academic program and by term. To determine the amount of tuition and fees that would be charged in a given term, please refer to the table below in conjunction with your academic program’s recommended course sequence. Recommended course sequences are located in the "Academic Affairs" area of Adler Connect.


Questions about tuition and fees may be emailed to the Office of Student Accounts. For information about refunds for withdrawn courses, see the Payment Schedule. For questions about making payments, see Tuition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Tuition & Fees Information (2020-2021 Online Campus)

Tuition (per credit)*
M.A. Programs $854
Ph.D. Programs $854
Audit M.A. Programs $426
Audit Ph.D. Credit Hour $426
Argosy Online $750
Universal Fee (per 16-week term)*
All Online Programs $500
Admissions Fees & Deposits
Admissions Application Fee $30
Miscellaneous Fees
Late Payment Fee (% of past due balance) 2%
Official Transcript $10
Returned Check (per occurence) $70
Stop Payment $35
Deferment Fee $100
Degree Completion Fees
Late Degree Completion Application $50
Late Graduation Application $50
Replacement Diploma $60

 *Please note: all tuition and fees are subject to change. Also note that students who are active in multiple programs will have the tuition rate and universal fee associated with their highest program assesed each semester.