Tuition & Fees

You can afford an education 
at Adler University.

You can afford an education
at Adler University.

Tuition and Fees (in Canadian Dollars)

We are available to work with you throughout the financial aid process to make it as easy to understand as possible. Our current tuition and fees are listed below.

Admissions Fees and Deposits (nonrefundable)

  • Admissions Application Fee: $30
  • Deposit (Canadian & American students): $200 (Master's programs), $300 (Psy.D. program)
  • Deposit (all other international students): $3,500
  • Start Date Deferral Fee: $500

*Study Permit Denials: for international student who are denied a study permit by the Canadian government, you may request a refund. You must submit a written request, attaching a copy of the letter of refusal from Citizenship & Immigration Canada. Please note that we must receive the request no later than five days after the start of the semester in order to issue a refund.


  • Standard Master's Credit Hour: $940
  • Standard Psy.D. Credit Hour: $1,050
  • Audit Master's Credit Hour: $470


  • MACP/MAOP 529 Thesis Continued: $940                                                       
  • MACP/MART 995 Master’s Clinical Qualifying Exam: $1,000                                     
  • MART 204 Social Justice Practicum Continued: $100                                           
  • MART 205 Professional Development Seminar Continued: $940                           
  • MART 469 Clinical Seminar Continued: $940                                                             
  • MART 482 Clinical Practicum Continued: $100                                                          
  • MACP/MART 473 Pre Practicum Skills Lab: $660                                                 
  • MACP/MAOP Research Fee: $730
  • MART Art Supply Fee: $125                                                              
  • Practicum Insurance Fee: $100                                                                                
  • Time to Track Fee: $40                                                                               
  • PSYD 707 Assessment Practicum Continued: $1,050                                               
  • PSYD 708 Therapy Practicum Continued: $1,050                                                    
  • PSYD 906 Dissertation Continued: $1,050                                            
  • PSYD 691 Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam – Intervention: $1,050                   
  • PSYD 990 Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam – Assessment: $1,050                    
  • PSYD Testing Fee: $150                                                                                        
  • PSYD Practicum Insurance Fee: $100                                                                        
  • PSYD Time to Track Fee: $40
  • Student Activity Fee (Per Term): $265

Please note that the University reserves the right to add or change the fees of charges without prior notice.

Student Financing Information

The Vancouver campus participates in the Canada Student Loans Program. Students who are interested in obtaining student loan information should contact the Office of Financial Aid.


The Vancouver campus offers several financial needs based scholarships and bursaries for selected incoming and current students (who have completed at least one semester at Adler University). For more information on how to apply for these scholarships, please contact Student Services.