Offering numerous 
scholarships for newly 
admitted students.

Offering numerous
scholarships for newly
admitted students.

Entrance Scholarships

Admitted Vancouver Campus students may be eligible for merit-based scholarships through the Office of Admissions. Applicants are encouraged to connect with their admissions advisor to discuss eligibility and scholarship application processes.

Students can be awarded only one of the scholarships for entrance. Scholarships are disbursed toward tuition and fees over the first two terms. Scholarships are awarded at time of acceptance after review by committee and are non-renewable. Applicants who are offered a scholarship and defer admission from the original term of acceptance are ineligible to retain the scholarship.


Scholarship Name Recipient Criteria Amount Range
Dash Richardson Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to provide significant financial relief to newly admitted PsyD students who intend on practicing as clinical psychologists in British Columbia. Priority may be given to candidates from rural communities.

 $30,000 ($10,000 per year, awarded over three years)
Social Justice

Past dedication / anticipated future contributions to service, academic excellence, & leadership.

Priority given to candidates with either a history of providing community service or an articulated plan to design/implement effective & innovative solutions to a significant social problem.


Talented students who have demonstrated knowledge & experience in diverse communities / backgrounds, & are prepared to use this knowledge to contribute to the education of their fellow students.

Priority given to candidates from traditionally under-represented, under-served, & marginalized populations who exhibit academic promise & dedication to Adler University’s mission.


New students who are citizens of countries other than the United States or Canada.

Commitment to social interest & dedication to improving their local community. 


Incoming students with excellence in academic achievement.

Preference given to individuals who have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.5 or higher.



Specific Scholarships and Tuition Initiatives

In addition to entrance scholarships Adler University Vancouver also offers tuition incentives and awards to students who meet specific criteria outlined below. Admitted Vancouver Campus students should be in touch with the Vancouver campus Office of Admissions to obtain full details about these unique scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Name Recipient Criteria Amount Range
Community Partner

Full-time employee at one of Adler University’s Community Partner sites.

Must submit all admissions documents & be accepted only to the Master of Public Policy & Administration Program at the Vancouver campus. 

For questions on eligible Community Partner sites please contact the Office of Admissions, Vancouver campus.

50% of tuition for program
Adler Alumni PsyD Scholarship (Fall 2020)

Adler University recognizes the achievements of our alumni & support their ongoing career growth.

Graduates of any Adler University master’s program who are admitted to the PsyD program at the Vancouver campus will receive a $10,000 for Fall 2020 

$10,000 (non-renewable)
Indigenous Students

Newly admitted indigenous students receive this award upon acceptance to any program. 

Please contact your admissions advisor to discuss eligibility and resources available.

$1,000 (non-renewable)
AmeriCorps Service

Those who have served the community through the AmeriCorps programs.

Current AmeriCorps member or alumni. 

Submit all admissions documents, be accepted to a Master’s or Doctoral degree program, & submit verification of an AmeriCorps Educational Award. 

Applicants who qualify for AmeriCorps Service Scholarship are not eligible for any other scholarships/discounts from Adler University.

50% of tuition for program
Peace Corps Service Scholarship

Those who have served the community abroad through the Peace Corps.

Current Peace Corps members and volunteers.

Submit a completed Adler University application for admissions and verification of Peace Corps service.

Applicants who qualify for the Peace Corps Service Scholarship are not eligible for any other scholarships or discounts from Adler University.

50% of tuition for program