Serving some of Chicago’s  
most deserving communities.

Serving some of Chicago’s
most deserving communities.

About Adler Community Health Services

Adler University’s mission is to graduate socially responsible practitioners, engage communities, and advance social justice. Since 1972, Adler University has expanded access to mental health services for underserved communities through its clinical training programs. Student-clinicians of Adler University have provided these critical services under the direct supervision of licensed clinicians and supervisors ensuring quality of care while training the next generation of practitioners. The first mental health clinic of Adler University was the Dreikurs Psychological Services Center that was located on the university’s Chicago campus. In 2010, the on-campus clinic was innovated into Adler Community Health Services (ACHS) --a community-embedded service model whereby services would occur in the communities most in need of mental health care. This model alleviates community members from the undue burden of traveling for needed services while ACHS’ student-clinicians learn first-hand the social contexts of those they treat providing a deeper educational and clinical experience. This realignment to community-embedded services allows ACHS to be guided by the community itself in its service as mental health practitioners and agents of social change.

Funding Model and Core Services

ACHS does not profit from its clinical training partnerships. ACHS charges a per-day-of-service fee versus a fee-for-service model. This allows partners access to a broad menu of clinical services for one set per-day fee versus a traditional per-use charge for each service thus broadening access to critical services. The menu of clinical services for each contracted day are: coordination of care, orientation to ACHS services, individual therapy, couple and family therapy, group therapy, psychological assessment, community crisis intervention, mental health crisis evaluation and intervention of ACHS clients, staff training, and staff consultation.

As socially-responsible practitioners, ACHS is committed to seeking alternative funding in the form of government and foundation grants, and individual and/or corporate donations. ACHS, in partnership with Adler University’s Office of Institutional Advancement, explores fundraising opportunities that will pay for the contract fees of our clinical training partners. If ACHS secures funding that covers a partner’s contract fee, ACHS adjusts the contract terms to decrease or eliminate the unpaid portion of the contract due from the partner that the new funding now covers. ACHS asks our partners to submit a letter us as to how the partner reinvested the funds they would have paid ACHS into their community/agency. ACHS submits this letter to the funder to demonstrate the additional impact their gift provided to our community partner. 


Adler University is a nonprofit educational institution. As one of the University's community engagement entities, ACHS does not profit from the services it provides.

Contact ACHS

To explore partnership opportunities, or to request a community health services consultation, please email Dr. Kevin Osten-Garner, Executive Director.