Community-based Training Settings

Adler Community Health Services

Community Mental Health Services

Adler Community Health Services (ACHS) provides community mental health services, informed by the mission of Adler University, through clinicians who promote, engage and advance socially responsible practice via partnerships with community facilities. ACHS has been recognized as a leader in the provision of services for the underserved.

The ACHS service delivery model is designed to assist underserved youth, adults, couples, families, and groups presenting psychological disorders, responses to trauma, substance abuse, and other issues by bringing a range of services to those populations in their communities.

ACHS is composed of two divisions, the Division of Community Health and the Division of Juvenile Justice, each with unique service programs. Service programs in the Division of Community Mental Health include:

Through ACHS' community mental health partnerships, programs are formed with agencies serving those suffering from persistent, severe mental disorders, incarcerated or formerly incarcerated persons, HIV affected individuals, people experiencing homelessness, disadvantaged students (pre-K through college-level) and individuals, couples, families, and groups dealing with psychological issues or in need of rehabilitation.

For more information about Adler Community Mental Health partnerships, or to learn how partner with us, send us an email.