Externship Details

Externship Training Activities

Therapy and Advanced Therapy training activities for externs include the following:


  • The extern will spend 16 hours per wek (2 eight-hour days) performing individual, couple, family, and/or group psychotherapy; consultation; and/or psychoeducational services.


  • Licensed Clinical Supervisor - 1 hour per week
  • Intern Supervisor - 1 hour per week

Didactic Training

  • Therapy Seminar - 1 hour per week
  • Case Conference - 1 hour per week


Each extern is assigned one supervising psychologists; the extern meets one (1) hour per week for supervision with the supervisor. The extern’s Primary Supervisor is the preceptor, who is the legal and ethical owner of a given case—externs may seek consultation with another psychologist; however, all clinical decisions are the responsibility of the Primary Supervisor.

Core Clinical Training Team