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IPSSJ has created a variety of publications and reports on topics in community mental health, restorative justice, trauma-informed care, and urban planning. Contact IPSSJ to learn how to partner with us to develop a publication or report.

(Juvenile Justice Needs Assessment)
"What Can the Cook County Juvenile Court Do
to Improve Its Ability to Help Our Youth?"

Commissioned by Cook County Justice for Children's (CCJC) Juvenile Justice Strategy Team, this study was conducted in collaboration with IPSSJ to increase understanding of perceived strengths and weaknesses in the juvenile justice system. Conducting research and tapping into juvenile justice data allows IPSSJ and juvenile justice advocates to identify transformative opportunities for youth, families and communities.

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(Restorative Justice Primer)
"A Primer and Exploration of Practice:"
Across Two North American Cities"

In collaboration with Adler University's Vancouver Campus and the Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Project (IBARJ), IPSSJ published this white paper to be used as a primer for practitioners in research, law and public administration. The paper provides an overview of restorative justice philosophy; a comparative review of restorative practices in metropolitan Chicago, Illinois and Vancouver, British Columbia; and a case study of formal systems and policies that either promote or suppress restorative justice practices.

Read “Restorative Justice: A Primer and Exploration of Practice Across Two North American Cities.”

(Community Justice Concept Paper)
"A Project of the Cook County Juvenile Justice Task Force"

The Cook County Juvenile Justice Task Force was formed by IPSSJ and community partners to develop a report on trauma-informed restorative justice solutions to public safety challenges involving crime and youth detention. The concept paper addresses how the juvenile justice system can better support young people and make communities safer with alternatives to traditional approaches.

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(White Paper Series)
"IPSSJ and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights"

As part of an ongoing collaboration addressing mass incarceration and immigration policy that is increasingly punitive in nature, IPSSJ has developed a series of white papers in partnership with Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to explore ideas for reform.

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