Geoff Bathje, Ph.D. Chicago Campus

Geoff Bathje, Ph.D.

"My overarching goals in teaching are to promote
multicultural competence, awareness of contextual
issues, critical thinking, and self-reflective thought
in all areas of training and practice."
- Geoff Bathje, Ph.D.

Geoff Bathje, Ph.D.
Core Faculty, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I value active learning and critical thinking in the classroom. I believe discussion, application of content, and experiential activities are essential to learning. My overarching goals in teaching are to promote multicultural competence, awareness of contextual and environmental issues, critical analysis, self-reflective thought, and movement toward actions that promote social justice. I particularly enjoy helping students extend their learning beyond the classroom by thinking through and engaging in action toward social justice at the local or national level.

My primary academic and research interests are in multicultural competence, community engagement, stigma, and substance use. I have engaged in advocacy, community organizing, and policy work related to mental health justice, drug policy, and harm reduction for people who use drugs. I have also engaged in international work focused on HIV/AIDS and stigma of developmental disabilities in Tanzania. I was drawn to Adler University due to the emphasis on social justice and community engagement.

Please email or call me (312-662-4302) if you have questions or would like more information about me.


  • Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Georgia
  • M.S., Clinical-Counseling Psychology, Illinois State University
  • B.S., Information and Decision Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago

Professional Memberships

  • Illinois Counseling Association
  • Society for Community Research and Action

Select Publications

  • Wu, J. & Bathje, G.J. (2020). Cognitive dissonance and east-west cultural differences. In Social Psychology and Counseling: Issues and Applications. Kleiber, D. & Delgado-Romero, E. (Eds.). Nova Science Publishers; Hauppenaug, NY.
  • Bathje, G.J, Pillersdorf, D., & Du Bois, S. (2019). Attitudes toward harm reduction programming in a context of authoritarian beliefs and stigma of addiction. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, 32(2), 77-86.
  • Bathje, G.J, Pillersdorf, D., & Kacere, L. (2019). Altruism, egoism, and mutual aid within a harm reduction program among persons who use drugs. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 29(4), 1-13.
  • Wu, I.H.C., Bathje, G.J., Kalibatseva, Z., Sung, D.K., Leong, F., & Collins-Eaglin, J. (2017). Stigma, mental health, and counseling service use: A person-centered approach to mental health stigma profiles. Psychological Services, 14, 490-501.
  • Bathje, G.J., Kim, E., Rao, E., Bassiouny, M.A., & Kim. T. (2014). Attitudes toward face-to-face and online counseling: Roles of self-concealment, openness to experience, loss of face, stigma, and disclosure expectations among Korean college students. International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, 1-15. DOI 10.1007/s10447-014-9215-2
  • Bathje, G.J. & Pryor, J.B. (2011). The relationships of public and self-stigma to seeking psychological services. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 13, 161-176.

Select Presentations

  • Bathje, G.J., Narloch, V., & Shuman, V. (October, 2019). Psychedelics: Harm Reduction and Healing. Presentation at the Midwest Harm Reduction Institute Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Bathje, G.J., *Wegner, B., & *Sorvillo, A. (June, 2019). Harm Reduction: A Grassroots Social Justice Movement for the Wellbeing, Rights, and Survival of People Who Use Drugs. Presentation at the National SCRA Biennial Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Bathje, G.J. & *Kotsiris, S. (November, 2018). The current status and potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Workshop at the Illinois Counseling Association Conference. Itasca, IL.
  • Bathje, G.J., Northington, C., & *Wegner, B. (October 2018). Integrating harm reduction counseling services into existing organizations. Panel at the Midwest Harm Reduction Institute Conference. Chicago, IL.
  • Shelton, K. & Bathje, G.J. (January, 2017). Diverse Methods for Teaching Diversity Courses – Online Teaching and Co-Teaching Models. National Multicultural Summit and Conference, Portland, OR.
  • Bathje, G.J. & Junge, E. (October, 2016). Naloxone Distribution at Cook County Jail. National Harm Reduction Conference, San Diego, CA.
  • Bathje, G.J., *Pillersdorf, D., & *Kacere, L. (September, 2015). Diffusion of benefits in a harm reduction program for injection drug users:  A qualitative analysis of motivational and relational factors. Contemporary Drug Problems Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Bathje, G.J., *Redmond, A. & *Weber, A. (June, 2014). The impact of microaggressions on well-being and mediating factors. Poster presentation at APA Division 45 Conference, Eugene, OR.
  • Bathje, G.J. (August, 2013). The role of multicultural competence in the process and outcome of counseling. Poster presentation at the American Psychological Association Convention in Honolulu, HI.
  • Bathje, G.J. & Shelton, K. (August, 2012). Multicultural competence checklist for college and university counseling centers. Poster presented at The American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Orlando, FL.


  • APA Division 17 Counseling Psychology Grant (2014), to study the indirect benefits of a harm reduction program for people who use drugs.
  • APA Division 17 Counseling Psychology Grant (2010), to study the impact of multicultural competence on formation of the therapeutic relationship.