Sabine S. Silberberg, Ph.D. Vancouver Campus

"Art, to me, is a path of discovery  
and possibility, of exploratory inquiry." 
- Sabine S. Silberberg, Ph.D.

"Art, to me, is a path of discovery
and possibility, of exploratory inquiry."

- Sabine S. Silberberg, Ph.D.

Sabine S. Silberberg, Ph.D.
Core Faculty & Training Coordinator
M.A. in Counselling: Art Therapy Program

Art, to me, is a path of discovery and possibility, of exploratory inquiry. Art invites into a dialogue, art brings seemingly disparate elements into connection. Art attends to what wants to emerge. I recognize my practices as a registered art therapist, expressive arts therapist, clinical counselor and supervisor, educator and artist as interdependent. The connections between aspects of life and work, between theory, art, and clinical practice, and between art modalities inform the core of my teaching philosophy, a relational ethics.

The Adlerian emphasis on social responsibility and community resonance is consistent with values that were forged and inspired by clients in inner-city community-based health care over two decades. I have come to understand the work as a counsellor and arts therapist to be privilege. Having been part of dynamic clinical teams invested in client allyship, my practice is to use this privilege to advocate for humanizing change. My experience has been that people living with the effects of marginalization engage only with arts-based approaches that are relevant to them. The challenge of translating between theory and community continues to be exciting to me, along with the perspective of regarding all relationships as creative endeavors. This is reflected in my passion for collaborative photography as a poetic practice, a philosophical investigation, and a way of making connections explicit.

Curiosity and discovery bring my teaching and learning environment to life; I like to encourage critical thinking, to investigate through reflexivity and playfulness, to call students into knowing themselves and taking the risk of being changed in the process. Working with art translates into working with the senses; my grounding in trauma-informed somatic approaches provides a foundation for this process of transformation.

Please email or call me 236.521.2429 if you have questions or would like more information about me.


  • Ph.D., Expressive Arts, European Graduate School, Switzerland
  • M.A., Expressive Arts Therapy, European Graduate School, Switzerland
  • DVATI (Graduate Diploma), Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, Canada
  • M.A., Geography, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Professional Memberships

  • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)
  • Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)
  • BC Art Therapy Association (BCATA)

Select Publications

  • Silberberg, S.S. (2017). Knowing Not-Knowing: Rethinking Research as an Art-Analogue Process. In E.G. Levine & S.K. Levine (Eds.), The Play of Poiesis: Expressive Arts in Therapy, Education, Research and Social Change. London, UK: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Silberberg, S.S. (2008). Got Change? In: In E.G. Levine & P. Antze (Eds.), Praise of Poiesis: The Arts and Human Existence. Toronto, ON: EGS Press.
  • Silberberg, S.S. (2008). The Image (that took me) today. Poiesis: A Journal of the Arts and Communication, 10, 106-112.
  • Silberberg, S.S. (2007). A Tango in the Ruins: Encounters with beauty in a harm reduction environment. Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal, 20(1), 29-35.

Select Presentations

  • Ethics and Representation – A Pecha Kucha Presentation. Pecha Kucha Event, Emily Carr University, Vancouver BC, September 2012. Uncertainty, Indigenous Knowledge and the Arts – An Experimental Dialogue toward New Reference Points (with Dingwall, C.). International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference, Lima, Peru. August 2011.
  • Reaching into the Meantime: Relationship-building and Complex Care Challenges – and the Arts. Pacific AIDS Network Gathering, Vancouver BC, March 2010. The Dr. Peter Centre Experience: Meaning and Practice of Harm Reduction in an Integrated Health Setting for People living with HIV/AIDS. Canadian HIV/AIDS Research Conference, Vancouver, BC, April 2009.
  • NarraThief – Whose Story Is It? Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference, Calgary, AB, October 2007.
  • Making Health Promotion Everyone’s Job: Working within a (truly) multidisciplinary team. World Health Promotion Conference, Vancouver, BC, June 2007.
  • Poetic Nomad or How I Learned to Love Chaos. Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference, Toronto, ON, October 2006.