Division of Community Health

Adler Community Health Services

clinical training and services.

Division of Community Health

The Division of Community Health within Adler Community Health Services (ACHS) provides extensive clinical behavioral health services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. Services are primarily provided by a multidisciplinary team of master- and doctoral-level graduate students supervised by licensed clinicians (psychologists and marriage and family therapist).  

Our Training Programs

  • Post-Doctoral Residency
  • Community Mental Health Internship
  • Therapy and Advance Therapy Externships (MA and PSYD)
  • Assessment Externship (PSYD)

Our Services

ACHS provides clinical and community mental health services informed by the core values of Adlerian theory and the mission of Adler University. We work with and train clinicians who promote, engage and advance socially responsible practice, thereby engaging communities and advancing social justice. Through rigorous training standards and program evaluation, ACHS excels as a leader in the provision of community health services.

Internship Admission, Support, and Initial Placement Data

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