Areas of Focus

Our mission is to maintain, promote  
and grow the core theory, research,  
and methods of Adlerian Psychology.

Our mission is to maintain, promote
and grow the core theory, research,
and methods of Adlerian Psychology.

Our Focus Areas

The current focus areas of the Center for Adlerian Scholarship and Practice are:

  • Adlerian education
  • Supervisory training
  • Parent training
  • Teacher training

Adlerian Education

  1. We are developing orientation materials for newly hired faculty and staff at Adler University for foundational training in Adlerian history and philosophy. We are also developing an approach to provide same overview to first year students in all programs.
  2. We will be providing training each semester on Adlerian approaches to counseling and psychotherapy to faculty and staff. In addition, we will offer training to professionals in the Chicago area on Adlerian approaches through half-day or full-day seminars at Adler University each semester. Connect with us to receive notices of this training.

Supervisory Training

Supported by a generous donation, we are training practicum and internship clinical supervisors of Adler University’s students in Adlerian approaches. Over the year we will provide four half-day training events at Adler University and also provide four live webinars using well established Adlerian leaders as well.

Parent Training

We are partnering with community organizations to provide parent training opportunities to support experiential needs for students in courses requiring this training. Organizations willing to partner with us should contact us.

Teacher Training

We are partnering with schools to train teachers in Adlerian approaches. Schools willing to partner with us can contact us.

Resource Website

We are spearheading an effort to create a resource website with three main goals:

  1. Foster free, complete access to educational materials on a range of Adlerian concepts. Information will be open source, allowing public access information to be downloaded. Individuals who desire to contribute materials to the site will be encouraged to upload information or add to existing documents, and on Adlerian theorists, both founders and contemporary practitioners, will be included.
  2. Encourage discussions of practice and application of Adlerian concepts among interested individuals, and engage others in similar professional practices such as clinicians, family counselors, couples counselors, parent trainers, parents, teachers, school administrators, and executives from private and nonprofit organizations.
  3. Offers a resource directory to link participants with existing Adlerian organizations and associations.