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Adler's Annual Magazine
 Debuts Latest Issue
 with a New Name 07.05.16
Adler's Annual Magazine
Debuts Latest Issue
with a New Name

This summer, Adler University’s annual magazine for alumni and friends debuts a new name, Social Change, along with a new look designed to more dynamically highlight the University's students, faculty, and graduates in their work to advance social justice.

The magazine, published this month, features:

  • Students, faculty, alumni, and community partners through Adler's Chicago, Vancouver, and Online campuses working to empower refugees and immigrants in the United States and Canada--one of today's most marginalized populations.
  • A conversation with Davina Jones, Ph.D., a communications expert who directs Adler's M.A. in Media and Communications program, on harnessing media for social movements.
  • Clinicians and counselors in training who advocate for policy change to protect LGBTQ youth, support families coping with mental illness, and more.

"The readership for our magazine is wide, varied, and growing," said Mark Branson, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications at Adler.

"Our alumni look to it for news on what’s taking place at their alma mater.  Prospective students to Adler read it for insights on the type of work that our current students, alumni, and faculty are leading. Funders and policymakers read it for affirmation that this is an institution producing impact.

"We identified growing feedback and opportunity that our magazine title could be more accessible to all of our readers. We produced Social Change in response to that opportunity, with a new title and new design that better reflect both our dynamic identity as a University and the work of our University community to advance positive social change."

The new title was identified with survey feedback from Adler's alumni, students, trustees, faculty, staff, and community partners. Readers and non-readers alike gave input on the magazine's content, along with words and phrases that would most effectively communicate and engage readers with Adler, its mission and vision, and impact. Asked for their top three choices, respondents gave Social Change the highest percentage of positive responses.

"Social Change most immediately and clearly communicates the work we do and the impact we create to those both already part of the Adler community, and all those we are working to engage in social change," Branson said.

"It emphasizes social change and advocacy as a crucial component of socially responsible practices and our Adlerian principles.  It also frames the purpose of all of our programs, training, initiatives, and outreach, which this magazine covers."

Read and download the magazine online.

About Adler University

Adler University educates students to engage the world and create a more just society. Established in 1952, it enrolls more than 1,400 students in master’s and doctoral programs for social change through its campuses in downtown Chicago and Vancouver, as well as an Online Campus. Adler University’s mission is to continue the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, the first community psychologist, by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities and advancing social justice.