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New Three-Campus Team Places Adler Community's Diversity Needs 
 'Front and Center' 10.20.17
New Three-Campus Team Places Adler Community's Diversity Needs
'Front and Center'

In an effort to continue building an environment that fosters diversity, Adler University administrators are facilitating pivotal leadership changes that align with the institution's mission, values and vision.

“I hear clearly from many of you that — although we’ve made progress in this work — there are opportunities to do more to respond to the needs of students, staff, and faculty members at Adler University,” President Raymond Crossman, Ph.D., said in an announcement this week. “We will continue to make important changes that demonstrate our commitment to hearing all voices in our community and addressing needs with action.”

His sentiments debuted a new University Diversity Team that will be comprised of the educational institution's leaders, students and representatives from existing diversity-focused groups through each of Adler’s three campuses in Chicago, Vancouver and online.

“The University Diversity Team will work collaboratively to advance diversity initiatives and long-term planning and coordination across the campuses,” Crossman said, noting that the move appropriately places the diversity needs of the community “front and center.”

Spearheading the effort will be Elena Quintana, Ph.D., and executive director for the university’s Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice, and Wendy Paszkiewicz, Ph.D. and vice president of Academic Affairs. The two were appointed as the new team’s University Diversity Officers. As such, they will convene to direct the group ; ensuring collaboration, communication and accountability among all stakeholders. Crossman stressed that each meeting — open to community members across all campuses — will yield actionable, “solution-focused” results.

“With these steps and our ongoing work, I am confident that further structural and foundational actions will be instituted this year to support the needs of our diverse students, staff, and faculty,” he said.“This work is important to me, and I know to you as well. I will work to ensure its success.”

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Adler University educates students to engage the world and create a more just society. Established in 1952, it enrolls more than 1,400 students in master’s and doctoral programs for social change through its campuses in downtown Chicago and Vancouver, as well as an Online Campus. Adler University’s mission is to continue the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, the first community psychologist, by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities and advancing social justice.