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President Crossman Responds to Hate Crimes Across the US 10.31.18
President Crossman Responds to Hate Crimes Across the US

Adler University President Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D., addresses recent examples of violence, oppression, and injustice throughout the nation in a message to Chicago and Online Campus students, faculty, and staff.

I am writing to you as the family and friends of those murdered in Pittsburgh begin to sit shiva following the deadliest anti-Semitic hate crime in USA history.

Saturday’s killings come at a time when anti-Semitic crimes are increasing both in this country and around the world. And, in the same weekend in our country, two African-Americans were killed for the color of their skin after a failed church shooting in Kentucky, and a man was arrested in Florida believed to have sent at least thirty-one bombs to people with whom he disagreed politically.

These terrible events come at a time when every morning seems to bring news of new challenges to human dignity, equity, and justice. Last week was a frightening week for Jews in our country – and also for people of color, trans people, and immigrants. I wrote you earlier this month about sexism and racism realized, respectively, in the disrespect shown for survivors of sexual violence in the Supreme Court nominee hearings and in the painful weeks of trial proceedings for the police officer charged with the murder of Laquan McDonald. Oppression and violence continue in the USA as every day occurrences.

So I write to you this morning with no specific wisdom at this time of strife. Rather, I write with appreciation for our university’s mission and the work we together pursue in our world.

I am sad and angry, but at the same time, I am grateful to be part of a powerful community united in advancing Alfred Adler’s revolution of gemeinschaftsgefühl – the roadmap for community connection, justice, and health, as well as the antidote to nationalist division and hatred. I am proud of all of you at Adler University—students, faculty, staff, partners, and alumni— who promote respect, equity, and healing. Such work is the core of our mission to advance a more just society, and this work must be created anew every day through our discussion, planning, and action

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