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Adler Student Shares `Visceral' Reaction to Racially Fueled Murder in The Guardian 11.10.17
Adler Student Shares `Visceral' Reaction to Racially Fueled Murder in The Guardian

An Adler Unviersity student studying media and communications for social change recently shared her “visceral” reaction to an article in The Guardian – one that ignited in her a desire to combat racial ignorance and naiveté.

Featured in the same publication, the Lindsay Vix’s column references Steven Thrasher’s opinion piece, “Tamir Rice Was Killed by White America’s Irrational Fear of Black Boys”.

“(It) made me want to be actively involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and moved me to become a white ally for racial justice in the U.S.,” Vix writes. “ … Before reading this article I had consciously refused to see colour, and had considered that as inherent to a liberal outlook. But now I know how crucial it is that we do see colour and acknowledge just how far away we are from achieving racial equality.”

Look to The Guardian to read Vix’s complete column, “The Article that Changed My View of Racial Inequality in America”.

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