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Online | Program Director, Master of Public Administration

Eddie Gordon, Ph.D.


Real-world experience and theoretical application drive Eddie Gordon’s teaching and research. His background includes public service, in the Georgia Department of Human Resources and Georgia Sheriff’s Office, and research on social justice issues and behavior, including the recidivism rate of female prisoners and how hate manifests with addictive behaviors.

Gordon’s background in public administration and law enforcement gives him a unique perspective and inside analysis of what happens on the front lines and behind the scenes in public service. The main takeaway from his work in public service is to never pre-judge situations. He is trained to study behavior, specifically deviant behavior, and analyze data without pre-judging and qualitatively providing an overview of behaviors and situations.

Gordon’s research aims to study and understand how competing interests drive varying behaviors, including hate and addiction. His published work on addiction and hate ties to aggressive behavior of individuals when something is perceived as being taken away. These two competing interests in the subconscious permeate through aggression and hostility.

His additional research looks at social justice issues and how the promotion of those issues affects behavior, and how profiling has changed through the last century – it is more related to the class system and how the presence or lack of role models plays an important factor.

Gordon received his Ph.D. from Capella University and his MPA and B.S. from Columbus State University. Prior to joining the faculty at Adler University, he served as a Project Administrator for the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) and as a Deputy Sheriff in Georgia.

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