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Influencing policy: Adler student seeks to impact two City of Chicago programs


In the Media | 03.22.23

Moving in with your partner? Talking about these 3 things first can smooth the way, according to a couples therapist

Discussing some key topics before – or even after – they move in together can help couples successfully navigate this step.

Stories | 03.03.23

A little bit of narcissism is normal and healthy – here’s how to tell when it becomes pathological

Narcissistic abuse in relationships can take the form of extreme emotional abuse. Yet both the victim and the abuser may have difficulty recognizing it.

Stories | 01.05.23

Supporting Venezuelan refugees through restorative service

Partnering with an NGO, the visiting group was there to help run a retreat and provide a place for fun and rest, and help family members reconnect and bond.

In the Media | 12.20.22

Adler professor shares insight on when parents should discuss make-believe with their children

Adjunct Faculty Wendy Kovacs Cortes, Ph.D., LMFT, offers insight in a Yahoo! Life article about children and make-believe – how it provides long-term mental health and academic benefits. Read the full article.

Stories | 11.30.22

More than 4 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths are preventable in the US, and mental health is the leading cause

Rachel Diamond, Adler University Preventable failures in U.S. maternal health care result in far too many pregnancy-related deaths. Each year, approximately 700 parents die from pregnancy and childbirth complications. As such, the U.S. maternal mortality rate is more than double that of most other developed countries. The Department of Health and Human Services declared maternal […]

In the Media | 11.18.22

Postpartum depression in men: Adler professor shares insight and potential symptoms

Postpartum depression can occur in men and often looks different than in mothers. Rachel Diamond, Ph.D., L.M.F.T., the clinical training director for couple and family therapy at Adler, shares insight in a Giddy article on what paternal postpartum depression is and its symptoms. Read the full article.

Stories | 10.27.22

For nonbinary and transgender patients seeking reproductive health care, medical family therapists play unique role

According to Gebel’s research article, discrimination in health care can present in many ways for trans and gender non-conforming patients.

In the Media | 10.17.22

Grieving the end of a relationship: Adler professor shares insight for moving on after a breakup

In an Oct. 13 article in PsychCentral, Adler University associate professor Cadmona Hall, Ph.D., offers some insight when processing the end of a relationship.

Stories | 10.17.22

From military mom to couples therapist: Graduate looks back at Adler journey

For Kayla Crump, life was full of transitions when she first began courses at Adler University in the fall of 2020

In the Media | 10.14.22

What Is Perinatal OCD? Adler professor and perinatal mental health expert explains

Dr. Diamond highlights the signs and symptoms of P-OCD, which affects 7% to 11% of women during the perinatal period, and the effective medication and non-medication approaches its treatment.

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