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Todd Belcore

Todd Belcore

Todd Belcore is a six-time national award-winning lawyer, mediator, advocate, law lecturer and non-profit co-founder with over 20 years of experience serving communities.

Todd is the Executive Director of Social Change-a non-profit at the intersection of storytelling and activism that uses film, organizing, litigation, technical assistance and advocacy to dismantle the New Jim Crow and transform lives, communities and systems.

Todd couples the technical, policy and legal assistance provided by Social Change to organizations, governments and businesses with the tools and resources to increase their capacity to deliver critical services and amplify and document their impact.

Todd also makes an impact by mediating disputes (resolving everything from small claims in the courts to claims of discrimination against large financial firms) and teaching a class entitled, “The New Jim Crow” (taught at Northwestern Law and University of Chicago Law School).

To date, Todd has been able to: lead or assist in efforts to pass 23 measures in multiple states relating to justice reform, economic equity and police and community relations; provide legal assistance to over 1,000 men and women with records; train over 1,000 attorneys, advocates, and community members nationwide on policy advocacy, their rights, and available legal remedies for overcoming barriers to employment; and, write various works relating to justice reform and access to opportunity that have been published in places like the Huffington Post and the White House blog.

As a result of Todd’s commitment to service, he has received 22 honors, including the ABA’s National Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year and the White House’s Champion of Change.