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University News | 05.21.24

‘Building Community for Social Justice’ celebrations raise $160K for the Adler Opportunity Scholarship Endowment

Momentum to continue on Giving Day, to be held May 23-24

Adler University alums, students, faculty, staff, supporters, and friends have raised more than $160,000 ($220,000 CAD) during two celebratory events this month for the newly created Adler Opportunity Scholarship Endowment. The endowment is dedicated to providing need-based scholarships for incoming and continuing students.

The momentum gained from these recent celebratory events will only continue to grow during this year’s Giving Day, scheduled for May 23-24. The additional community contributions will play a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to catalyzing change and fostering community service.

“This achievement underscores our shared dedication to expanding educational opportunities, and nurturing a new generation of change-makers,” said Chris Toft, vice president of the Office of Institution Advancement. “With continued support, we can provide essential scholarships to deserving students, empowering them to shape a brighter tomorrow.”

The funds raised for the endowment were generated during the “Building Community for Social Justice: Celebrating 20 Years of Adler University’s Growth and Gemeinschaftgefühl” events. Held on May 9 on the Chicago Campus and May 16 on the Vancouver Campus, these celebrations not only raised crucial funds but also recognized exceptional members of the Adler community.

Among the highlights from the events was the recognition of President Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D., for his transformative leadership since 2003. Additionally, a trio of prestigious awards — the Alfred Adler Social Justice Awards, the Distinguished Alum Awards, and the President’s Excellence Awards — were presented, highlighting the exemplary contributions of students, staff, faculty, and alums to the community.

For those unable to attend, there’s still an opportunity to make an impact during the May 23-24 Giving Day. Every donation received during this 24-hour fundraising campaign translates into more scholarships and greater opportunities for students to effect positive change. Last year’s Giving Day yielded nearly $119,000 in support.

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