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Vancouver graduate speaker seeks to address access-to-care gap in rural hometown


Stories | 11.28.23

Panel examines ways nonprofit leaders, employees can address mental health challenges

Recognizing the urgency and relevancy of addressing the mental health challenges nonprofit leaders and their teams face, Adler University organized and hosted an educational panel discussion on Nov. 8 to promote self-care, well-being, and resiliency for employees.

University News | 11.15.23

Adler University welcomes Danielle Austen as new Board of Trustee member

Danielle Austen, founder and CEO of fluent360, has been appointed as the newest member of the Adler University Board of Trustees.

Stories | 11.13.23

Vancouver graduate speaker seeks to address access-to-care gap in rural hometown

“I genuinely think my cohort and everyone graduating this year will change the world,” Dr. McCleary said. “That change could even start in a rural or remote community.”

Stories | 11.13.23

Regina hospital allegations point to an epidemic of bullying and discrimination in health care

Internal reviews are insufficient to investigate discrimination by hospital administrators and external frameworks are needed to protect employees who face bullying and harassment.

Stories | 11.08.23

Vancouver graduate looks back at winding journey to becoming a clinical counsellor

Shawna Dash is looking back on her journey, sharing what led her to Adler University, the highlights of the past two years, her post-graduate school plans, and how she ultimately plans to celebrate the big day.

University News | 11.07.23

Celebrating International Education Week: Adler University highlights opportunities for worldwide exchanges

In celebration of International Education Week (IEW), Adler University is hosting several virtual events highlighting the University’s efforts and initiatives that advance a global exchange of ideas and experiences.

University News | 11.06.23

Adler University launches tenure for faculty

Adler University, a private, nonprofit university educating master’s and doctoral students in Chicago, Vancouver, and online, will offer a tenure program to full-time faculty for the first time beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year.  Tenure supports educational integrity, academic freedom, and sound research practices. Adler’s approach to tenure will value and recognize all facets of […]

Stories | 11.02.23

Inaugural Vancouver Scholarship Award Reception celebrates recipients, donors

In celebration of the Adler University 2022-23 scholarship recipients and the generous donors who made them possible, students and friends of the institution gathered together for the inaugural Vancouver Scholarship Award Reception.

Stories | 11.01.23

Endometriosis afflicts millions of women, but few people feel comfortable talking about it

Health care providers often dismiss endometriosis pain as ‘all in your head’ − which can delay a correct diagnosis and treatment for years.

University News | 10.27.23

Adler University President receives 2023 Amplifier Award from Chicago Public Media

Raymond E. Crossman, Ph.D., president of Adler University, was honored by Chicago Public Media (CPM), the largest local nonprofit news organization in the nation and home to WBEZ Chicago and the Chicago Sun-Times, for his efforts in championing and amplifying the values of independence, inclusion, equity, and inquiry.

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