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Board of Trustees | Trustee

Kevin Hauswirth


Kevin Hauswirth is the founder and principal of Hauswirth/Co, a strategic consulting firm specializing advocacy campaigns and brand marketing communications.

Kevin has earned a reputation for designing with creative solves to make “the wonky” compelling and getting people engaged around complex policy issues. This was recognized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel who appointed him to run digital communications across multiple agencies for the City of Chicago and serve as an official spokesperson on innovation. Over his career working both in-house and alongside Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and elected officials, Kevin navigates ever-changing public opinion and integrated teams to shape effective strategy.

Having designed and taught college courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, Kevin continues to advise higher education leadership and is a regular guest lecturer. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees for Adler University, he also serves on the Board of Directors for Equality Illinois. He earned his undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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