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You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs.



Invest in the future and get change back.

Since 1952, Adler University has prepared students to create a more just society. Now more than ever, our graduates are being called to address the world’s alarming health inequities and social injustices. Your gift to Adler is an investment in their work to improve community health and well-being.

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More students
working for change

Adler’s enrollment is up nearly 32 percent in the last five years, but equipping students to change the world is costly work. And for many, tuition can be an issue. Scholarships are the key to creating opportunities for economically challenged and ethnically diverse students.

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More solutions to
help erase inequality

Through our centers and institute, Adler University faculty and staff conduct groundbreaking research to identify the causes of inequalities. Expanding these programs and developing the scholar-practitioners who drive them are critical to the Adler mission.

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I’m so proud to be affiliated with Adler University. It’s heartfelt, it’s professional, it’s worldly, and it is everything I believe in.
BETSY BRILL, TRUSTEE, Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd.
I believe Adler University’s vision is one of the ways we can change the trajectory of our future and the futures of those who have not had a voice. It feels good to be a part of that, even if only in a small way.
MARY KAY KRUPKA, Chicago Campus Scholarship Donor
I am very excited to be a part of Adler University, especially because of its engagement in communities. I believe in the philosophy that healthy communities are created when everyone is engaged in the process.
PAMELA RICHARDSON, TRUSTEE, Vancouver Campus Scholarship Donor

Invest in a more just society

Creating a more just society demands action. The right minds need to be identified, nurtured, and supported. When you give to our scholarships, centers, institute, and other endeavors, you are expressing your values, your beliefs, and your passion for social justice. Now is the time to take a stand.

Invest in the change we all want to see in the world.

University-Wide Initiatives

Adler University Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship aims to increase educational access for students from under-resourced and minority populations.

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Student Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund supports students facing financial challenges due to unforeseen circumstances, helping them continue their education at Adler.

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The Adler General Scholarship Fund

Scholarships support the next generation of social justice leaders, including those who might not traditionally have access to graduate education.

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The Adler Fund

The Adler Fund allows the University to meet the demands of ever-evolving programs, provide student resources, and even supports opportunities to partner with other organizations to address emerging community concerns.

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Adler Community Health Services (ACHS)

ACHS increases access to mental health services for high-need patients through its community-embedded service model.

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Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship (CAPS)

The Center supports, educates, trains, and engages people and communities interested in Adlerian psychology through symposia, workshops, and events.

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Center for Civic Learning and Community Action (Social Justice Practicum)

The Center connects students to hundreds of opportunities that create real change in local communities.

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The Harold and Birdie Mosak Library

The Library aids in the development of socially responsible practitioners and supports the learning, teaching, and research of students and faculty.

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The Richard E. Watts Adlerian Research Award

The Watts Award encourages excellence in Adlerian research among Adler University students, recognizes outstanding achievement in scholarship, and furthers the theory and practice of Adler’s Individual Psychology.

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The Adler University Vancouver Foundation is a Canadian Registered Charity that supports Adler students in Vancouver as they prepare to become champions for social justice and mental health.

The Joy MacPhail Fund

This fund was created to support the Joy MacPhail Master of Public Policy & Administration program. The namesake is in honor of Joy MacPhail for her dedication to Adler University as a board member and contributions to the B.C. community. MacPhail was the first Canadian to serve as Adler’s board chair.

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Dr. Clair Ladner Hawes Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, named after an adjunct faculty member on the Vancouver Campus, supports students in the Counselling Psychology programs.

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Dean’s Equity and Impact Scholarship

This fund supports historically underrepresented students who are participating in the Social Justice Practicum. This is a parallel fund to the Fifth Third Equity and Impact Scholarship on the Chicago Campus.

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Military Psychology Scholarship

This scholarship helps students serving or who have served in the military, and immediate family members, complete their graduate degrees.

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The Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice

The Institute provides stakeholders with approaches to reduce violence in their neighborhoods and address trauma through restorative justice.

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Tiffany Gee Memorial Scholarship

Tiffany Gee was a Psy.D. student who passed away in February 2020. The Tiffany Gee Memorial Scholarship was established by her friends and family to provide financial support to students in her program.

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Equity and Impact Scholarship

This fund supports historically underrepresented students who are participating in the Social Justice Practicum. This is a parallel fund to the Dean’s Equity and Impact Scholarship on the Vancouver Campus.

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Illinois Coalition for Higher Education in Prisons (IL-CHEP)

IL-CHEP is a coalition of educators, students, universities, and others committed to bringing quality higher education to Illinois prisons and jails. IL-CHEP is housed at Adler University.

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Quintana Last Mile Scholarship

The Quintana Last Mile Scholarship is designed to support students who are currently or formerly incarcerated, and lack funds (up to $10,000) to complete a course of study.

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Adler University and the Office for Institutional Advancement celebrate the generosity of our community supporters. With gratitude, we recognize the benefactors listed on these pages who, through their financial support, enable the University’s mission—to educate and train the next generation of leaders dedicated to academic excellence, social justice, and overall community well-being.

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Adler University Community Supports Students During Pandemic

Adler University’s Emergency Response Scholarship Fund has provided grants totaling nearly $1 million to support students experiencing financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.    

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Supporting Students to Improve Community Mental Health and Well-Being

For the next three years, five Adler University students in the Vancouver Campus Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) program will receive a continuing scholarship, thanks to a generous donation from Trustee Pamela Richardson and her husband, David.

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Adler University Vancouver Foundation Receives Emergency Community Support Funds

The Adler University Vancouver Foundation was recently approved for two Emergency Community Support Fund grants to promote mental health, social inclusion and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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