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Chicago | Core Faculty

Nataka Moore, Psy.D.



My teaching philosophy is rooted in critical thinking and inquiry. While I believe it’s important for students to take in facts and memorize key psychological concepts, I diligently challenge them to think beyond the material and identify loopholes or exceptions to the rule. I also create a safe environment where students can think, play around with ideas out loud, and receive feedback. In addition, I am always aware of the pulse of the room so I can be flexible. For example, I may have a lecture prepared, but if I feel students are confused or struggling with material, I will break them into groups to answer questions related to the material. Sometimes fellow students make the best teachers.

Finally, I want my students to understand the importance of diversity and social justice in the interpretation of material. Psychology is often grounded in conceptualizing how an individual can create change to better his or her life. Often, these frameworks are based on theories that historically ignored aspects of diversity. Thus, I challenge students to understand the limitation of theory and integrate linguistic and culturally appropriate paradigms in their understanding of individuals.

Please email or call me 312.662.4337 if you have questions or would like more information about me.



  • Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
  • M.A., Clinical Psychology
  • B.S., Chemistry
Select Presentations

Select Presentations

  • Chavez, A., Moore, N., McDowell, T. ( 2018, Spring). Mexican American Immigrant Parents Striving to Raise Resilient Children: Obstacles, Tension Points, and Resiliency Factors. Journal of Individual Psychology.
  • Cook, I., Jeremiah, R., Moore, N. Watson, K., Dixon, M., Jordan, G., Murray, M., Keeter, M.K., Hollowell, C., Murphy A. (2017, Januray). HIV testing perceptions and behaviors among African-American men who have sex with women at a south-side Chicago community health center. Frontiers in Public Health Journal.
  • Moore, N., Murphy, A., Wright, M.,Gipson, J. Keeter, M., Cornelious, T., Reed, D., Russle, J., Watson, K.S., Murray, M. ( 2016, September). Alternative Locales for the health promotion of African American Men: a survey of African American men in Chicago Barbershops. Journal of Community Health.
  • Moore, N., Wright, M., Gipson, J., Jordan, G., Harsh, M., Reed, D., Murray, M., Murphy A. (2016, February). A Survey of African American Men in Chicago Barbershops: Implications for the effectiveness of the barbershop model in the health promotion of African American Men. Journal of Community Health. 41(4), pp. 772-779.
  • Moore, N., McDowell, T., Watson, M., Nussa, C.M. (2015, Winter). A Round Table Discussion: Four Transatlantic African Women talking about race in Cuba. International Journal of Cuban Studies.7 (2), pp. 212-235.
  • Moore, N. McDowell, T. (2014, Summer). The obstacles of parenting for African American families, Journal of Individual Psychology. 70(2). pp. 114-127.
  • Moore, N. McDowell, T. (2014, December). Working through bound liberation: A framework. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action. 8(4). pp. 465-470.

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