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Chicago | Program Director |
Sport & Human Performance

Teresa Behrend Fletcher,



I am fortunate to have found the Sport and Health program. Adler University, as it incorporates the perfect combination of clinical mental health counseling and sport psychology. I have spent my life and career preparing for the opportunity to share my passion and unique combination of knowledge and experience to train and develop future clinicians and mental performance consultants.

I operate from a positive psychology perspective so that individuals learn to identify and utilize their strengths and assets to become effective clinicians and well-rounded individuals. These strengths contribute to developing healthy relationships and productive environments where students can thrive and flourish. My primary goal is for my students to engage in and enjoy the learning process during their time at Adler University and into their chosen professional careers.

Please email or call me 312.662.4310 if you have questions or would like more information about me.



  • Ph.D., Counseling and Counselor Education, University of North Carolina–Greensboro
  • M.A., Community Counseling, Northeastern Illinois University
  • B.B.A., Marketing, Loyola University
Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships

  • American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Association for Counselor Education & Supervision (ACES)
  • Association for Applied Sports Psychology (AASP)
  • Illinois Counseling Association (ICA)
  • Illinois Mental Health Counseling Association (IMHCA)
Select Publications

Select Publications

  • DeDiego, A. C., Wheat, L. S., & Fletcher, T. B. (2016). Overcoming Obstacles: Exploring the Use of Adventure Based Counseling in Youth Grief Camps. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/15401383.2016.1191403
  • Fletcher, T. B. & Meyer, B. B. (2009). Cohesion and Trauma: An Examination of A Collegiate Women’s Volleyball Team. Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education & Development, 48, 173-196.
  • Meyer, B. B., & Fletcher, T. B. (2007). Emotional Intelligence in Sport: Issues for Professional Practice and Research in Sport Psychology. Journal for Applied Sport Psychology, 19, 1-13.
  • Meyer, B. B., Fletcher, T. B. (2004). Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the Health Care Environment: An Exploratory Study. The Health Care Manager, 23, 225-234.
  • Fletcher, T. B., Benshoff, J. M., & Richburg, M. J. (2003). A Systems Approach to Understanding and Counseling College Student Athletes. Journal of College Counseling, 6, 35-46.
  • Fletcher, T. B., & Hinkle, J. S. (2002) “Adventure Based Counseling: Implications for Counselors” Journal of Counseling and Development, 80, 277-285.
  • Fletcher, T. B. (2000). Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: A Strategic and Structural Family Systems Approach. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 22, 32-44.
Select Presentations

Select Presentations

  • Fletcher, T. B. Dediego, A. C.**, & Davis, K. (April, 2018). Experiential Activities with Children & Adolescents: Theory, Practice & Creativity. Pre-conference Learning Institute at the American Counseling Association. Atlanta, GA.
  • Fletcher, T. B., Yu, F., Melso, C., Masline, A., Wulbecker, A., & Juskiewicz, J. (2018). Psychlogical Skills Training in Youth Soccer: A Station-Based Approach. Workshop presented at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Fletcher, T. B., Zettel, J., Kaput, B., Bronkowski, S., & Hart, E. (October, 2017). Psychological Skills Training in Youth Hockey: A Station-Based Approach. Workshop proposal submitted to the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Orlando, FL.
  • Fletcher, T. B., & Meyer, B. B. (October 2017). Going the Distance: Forging the Future of Counseling in Partnership with Sport & Exercise Psychology. Round table presented at the Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, Chicago, IL.
  • Fletcher, T. B., Fuchs, E. J., Zambrowicz, R. D. J., Forster, M., & Allen, W. C. (April, 2016). Counseling Children & Adolescents: Hundreds of Creative Activities & Interventions. Workshop presented at the American Counseling Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Fletcher, T. B., & Hurley, S. (October, 2016). Positive Psychology for the Counselor: Integrating Sport to Enhance Performance & Life Balance. Poster presentation at the Southern Association for Counselor Education & Supervision, New Orleans, LA.

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Located in the heart of the city, the Chicago Campus was designed to provide and inspire the learning and living experience. To that end, we have created an environment that caters to your mental, emotional, and intellectual growth. Our classrooms are bright and spacious with windows to the outside world and the latest technology. In our Library, you will find every resource you need to research, form, and shape your journey. At Adler University, we have more than enough room to share your thoughts and flex your intellect.

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