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Online | Program Director, M.A. in Psychology

Tricia Mazurowski, Ph.D.



I believe in the importance of higher education, and I strive to ensure that I create a learning environment that foster critical thinking and problem-solving. I also strive to create a classroom environment that is equitable and inclusive. I believe in the importance of creating a classroom environment in the online community that promotes dialog and professionalism. I aim to create a classroom experience in the online environment that encourages dialog and interactions that enhance learning and development.

To accomplish these goals, I bring real-world experiences to the classroom, post weekly videos in the classroom to explore learning objectives, and incorporating additional materials beyond the assigned reading materials to enhance learning. I also respond to all student discussions with real-world examples, and I ask questions to promote further dialog and engagement.

I encourage a constructivist pedagogy that involves active learning, where students are able to actively engage in their own learning. Students will engage in group activities, sharing their knowledge and experience as it applied to learning theories, and problem-solving.



  • Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Capella University
Areas of Expertise and Academic Research Interests

Areas of Expertise and Academic Research Interests

  • Training and Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Management
  • Work/life Balance
Professional and Academic Positions of Note

Professional and Academic Positions of Note

  • Process & Training Specialist, Cirrus Aircraft
  • Human Resources Trainer – ARI Network, Inc.
Select Publications

Select Publications

  • Mazurowski, T. (2019). Midlevel Healthcare Managers’ Experience of Support of Work-Life Balance: A Case Study (Doctoral dissertation, Capella University, 2019) (pp. 1-140). Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest.

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