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You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs.


Social Justice Practicum
Chicago Campus

The Social Justice Practicum (SJP) is a non-clinical practicum that focuses on providing support to nonprofits who have put social justice work at the forefront of their mission.


The SJP was inspired by Alfred Adler’s groundbreaking concept of social interest – that our health resides within our community life and connections. By participating in the SJP, students receive on-the-ground experience, working alongside community organizations to support community wellbeing and policy transformation.

Socially responsible practice places an emphasis on individuals in the context of society and on social justice defined in terms of equity of resources. The social context in which individuals live often determines their health and well-being. Socially responsible practitioners account for this contextual influence, address it in their interactions, and strive to affect it personally and professionally. The SJP allows students to acquire some of these skills employed by professionals to advance social change.

Who administers the SJP?

The Center for Civic Learning & Community Action administers the SJP and issues credit for courses SJP-513 and SJP-514.

How am I placed at an SJP site?

After registering for SJP-513 at the start of your first fall term at Adler University, the SJP Coordinator will send you an email with instructions on selecting a placement site.

You will then have an opportunity to review the projects that sites have submitted, and when SJP registration opens, you will make your site selections.

How many hours can I expect to go to my site each week?

Students should be attending their site for 8-10 hours each week. We recommend either attending in one full day, or split your time in two half-days per week.

How long does the SJP last?

The SJP spans two semesters—beginning in the fall term and concluding at the end of the spring term. Students must complete a minimum of 200 approved hours at their SJP site. If students complete 200 hours before the end of the spring term, they are to stay on at their site until the conclusion of the term.

Is there accompanying content to the practicum?

Yes, an important part of the SJP are the accompanying workshops. There are 6 workshops for the SJP, and students must attend a minimum of 5 to receive credit.

How will I be evaluated at the SJP site?

Your site supervisor will be evaluating your performance to determine your grade for a midterm and final evaluation. You will also complete a midterm and final evaluation of your site supervisor and yourself.

Will I be presenting on what I accomplished during my SJP?

Yes, students present at the annual SJP Symposium, a campus-wide event in which all students who completed their SJP present on what they have learned and accomplished. Students are graded by evaluators during their presentations.