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You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs.




An advanced degree is an investment in yourself—and your future.



Tuition for Adler University’s Vancouver Campus programs is charged each term according to the number of registered academic credits. The number of credits a student will register for varies by academic program and by term. To determine the amount of tuition and fees that would be charged in a given term, please refer to the table below in conjunction with your academic program’s recommended course sequence.


Questions about tuition and fees may be emailed to the Office of Student Accounts. For information about refunds for withdrawn courses, see the Payment Schedule. For questions about making payments, see Tuition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).



  1. How do I pay tuition?

    Tuition payments may be mailed or paid in person through the Registrar’s Department. Please make your check or money order payable to Adler University and mail to:

    Adler University
    ATTN: Student Accounts
    520 Seymour Street
    Vancouver, BC V6B 3J5

  2. Can I use a debit card to pay my tuition?

    You may use a debit card for tuition payments. However, many banks issuing debit cards may impose transaction limits regardless of your current balance. Some banks will allow temporary limit increases for high dollar transactions; please contact your bank for more details. Please note that debit card transaction limits do not excuse late payments.

  3. Why aren’t credit cards accepted for tuition payments?

    Credit Card rules will not permit our vendor to charge a service fee exclusive to credit card payments. To avoid charging students unnecessary fees, we do not accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express for tuition payments.


For questions regarding tuition and fees at Adler University’s Vancouver Campus, contact the Registrar by email or phone (236) 521.2442.

Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule

Tuition and fees are due and payable during registration week. Payments made to the University are first applied against any previously existing balance, then to current charges. Students are responsible for all tuition and fees at the time due regardless of pending employer or third-party reimbursement unless other financial arrangements have been made. Students receiving financial aid funds are responsible for submitting payment for all tuition and fees that will not be covered by the amount of aid anticipated. Payment plans (deferred monthly installments) are available. Interested students can contact the Office of the Registrar for more information. Inquiries should be initiated prior to the published tuition due date.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition Refunds

Students who have withdrawn from the University, (including those who have taken a leave of absence) or who have dropped individual courses, may receive a tuition refund.

Vancouver Campus students who have officially withdrawn from the university or specific courses, may be entitled to a tuition refund to be paid within 14 business days of receipt of the official withdrawal or drop request.

Refunds will be based upon the total charge incurred rather than the amount paid by the student. The percentage of tuition refunded, excluding the non-refundable tuition deposit and all other fees, is determined in accordance with the following schedule:

  • End of 10th calendar day of the course period, 100%.
  • 11th calendar day of the course period through the end of the term, 0%
  • To initiate a refund, written notice must be provided: (a) By a student to the institution when the student withdraws; or (b) By the institution to the student where the institution dismisses a student

*Refund entitlement is calculated on the total fees due under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable application or registration fee. Where total fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date, and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.

Tuition and Fees
(2020-2021, in Canadian Dollars)

Admission Fees and Deposits

Admissions Application Fee (non-refundable) $30
Deposit for Master's Programs (non-refundable) $200
Deposit for Psy.D. Program (non-refundable) $300
Deposit for International Students (non-refundable) $5000
Start Date Deferment Fee (non-refundable) $500

Tuition (per credit)*

Psy.D. Credit Hour $1,112
Master's Programs Credit Hour $1,000
Audit Master's Credit Hour $500


Universal Fee (Student Activity Fee Per Term) $282
International Student Fee (Per Term) $500
PSYD-707 Assessment Practicum Continued $1,112
PSYD-708 Therapy Practicum Continued $1,112
PSYD-906 Dissertation Continued $1,112
PSYD-691 Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam - Intervention $1,112
PSYD-990 Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exaam - Assessment $1,112
PSYD Testing Fee $155
PSYD Practicum Insurance Fee $100
PSYD Time to Track Fee $40
MACP/MAOP 529 Thesis Continued $1,000
MACP-610 Practicum Continued $100
MACP/MART 995 Master’s Clinical Qualifying Exam $1,000
MART 204 Social Justice Practicum Continued $100
MART 205 Professional Development Seminar Continued $1000
MART 469 Clinical Seminar Continued $1000
MART 482 Clinical Practicum Continued $100
MACP/MART 473 Pre Practicum Skills Lab $676
MACP-473-SYC Pre-practicum Counselling Skills Clinic $1,538
MACP/MAOP Research Fee $748
MART Art Supply Fee $128
Practicum Insurance Fee $100
Time to Track Fee $40

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