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'Aligned Leadership’: Dr. Jay Colker’s latest book becomes international bestseller

University News | 09.11.23

Less than a month since its release, the latest book by Adler University faculty member Jay Colker, D.M., has already become a No. 1 international bestseller in nine categories on Amazon in the U.S. and Canada, according to his publisher Ignite Press.

Cover of Aligned Leadership

Aligned Leadership was released on Aug. 22 through publisher Ignite Press.

Dr. Colker, senior adjunct faculty in the Department of Leadership and Applied Psychology, released his book, “Aligned Leadership: Building Relationships, Overcoming Resistance, and Achieving Success,” on Aug. 22. It has reached No. 1 in book categories, including human resources and personal management, nonprofit organizations and charities, and management and leadership.

“I am humbled by the broad interest in the book and support I have received,” said Dr. Colker. “I am encouraged that so many individuals may benefit from the Adlerian principles that I have worked with for over 45 years.”

Aligned Leadership, through an Adlerian approach, teaches readers effective methods to learning and development, management training, consulting, leadership development, and change management.

“When leaders and employees are misaligned, work satisfaction diminishes, and business results suffer,” Dr. Colker said. “Everyone can be a leader, whether in a formal role, as an employee, or within formal or informal groups.”

Dr. Colker, who received his master’s degree in 1980 from the Alfred Adler Institute (later becoming Adler University), said he decided to write the book about two years ago to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the diverse styles of others. He has 20 years of experience in clinical work and managing clinical facilities and another two decades of conducting organizational development work as a consultant and a senior human resources executive in a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

“After reading Aligned Leadership, I hope readers can use a range of foundational skills to build and sustain lasting relationships, identify points of resistance, improve confidence in reducing resistance and becoming more aligned, achieve better outcomes, develop more innovative and creative solutions, and foster more engagement,” he said.

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