About Our Blog

The Socially Responsible Practitioner is the official blog of Adler University and is maintained by the University’s Marketing & Communications team. The purpose of the blog is to drive interest in our academic programs by sharing relevant, mission-consistent content with our readers.

Who is the intended audience? The primary audience for our blog is prospective students, so we strive to provide content that is relevant and interesting to them. However, our readership also includes current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others.

Can I contribute to the blog? Anyone from Adler University can submit a blog post or topic for consideration. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni from all campuses are encouraged to participate.

What can I write about? The topic you choose should fall into one of the following categories: work being done in the classroom (i.e. interesting coursework or activities taking place); social justice work in the community (i.e. practicum and internship experiences); content related to specific academic programs (i.e. program outcomes or career opportunities); or your reaction to social justice issues in the news.

Are there specific guidelines I should follow when drafting content? Yes. Please refer to the guidelines below when drafting your post. They reflect best practices and provide a consistent experience for our readers.

  1. All posts must appropriately align with the University’s mission, vision, and values.
  2. Posts must be written and published by an individual using their name — not as an anonymous individual, a department, or organization. This provides the most engaging, authentic content.
  3. Use short paragraphs (no more than 3-4 sentences) for easiest on-screen reading.
  4. Use your own “voice” and write in the first person. We recommend that you write as if you were talking to a friend or colleague. Content that is too academic or technical will not be widely read or shared.
  5. Use language and explanations that are easily understood by a broad and general audience. Your readers may not be as familiar with the topic as you are. Include a call to action and/or links to more information.
  6. Provide a brief bio (name, campus, academic program or job title), a professional color head shot (jpg format) that can be published with your post. Or, if you prefer, you can send a color photo relevant to your topic. By submitting a photo, you are confirming that you are providing permission, or have secured permission from the image owner, to use the photo on the blog (royalty free).

Do all blog post submissions get published? No, but we try to post as many of them as possible. Our goal is to publish one new post every week, while striking a balance between the categories listed above. Focusing too much on one particular topic or area would have a negative impact on the blog’s readership and effectiveness.

Please note: the Marketing and Communications team is ultimately responsible deciding what content will be published. Posts that are selected for publication will be edited for grammar, length, and readability. The Marketing and Communications team will return the edited version to the author for final review before posting.

How do I submit an idea for a topic or a draft of a post for consideration?

Email your idea or the materials described above to marketing@adler.edu. The Marketing and Communications team will respond shortly thereafter. If your topic is chosen for publication, they will work with you on edits and confirm a publication date.

Questions about any of the information above?

If you have any additional questions, please email us at marketing@adler.edu.