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2022 Alfred Adler Social Justice Award Recipients

University News | 02.22.22

Social Justice Award

Each recipient receives an award from Project FIRE, a glassblowing and trauma recovery program for youth injured by gun violence in Chicago. In addition to healing through glassblowing, Project FIRE is an employment and mentoring program that provides trauma informed support groups, case management, and medical treatment.

Every year, the Adler University Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice awards members of the community who exemplify the values of world-renowned community psychologist Alfred Adler.

The Alfred Adler Social Justice Awards recognize those who act as advocates and role models to impact social justice in the world while inspiring others to do the same.

This year’s recipients are:

Arron “Corey” Clay
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Ph.D., Online

As the founder of the Pacific Northwest Institute for Racial Trauma, Clay not only enlightens organizations to create dialogue but to create plans of action. He lives and breathes social justice in his personal life and through his company, where he mentors youth through conversations about Black identity and racial trauma. Clay also works with adults and organizations by providing trainings on anti-racism, racial trauma and internalized hate, allyship, mentoring and creating inclusive spaces.

Geoff BathjeGeoff Bathje, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Chicago

Sitting at the intersection of harm reduction and social justice, Bathje has long partnered with the Chicago Recovery Alliance to save lives by supporting safety and recovery for individuals affected by addiction and loss of housing. Bathje also helps save lives by providing the community, and many other organizations, with Naloxone administration training to prevent opioid overdose. He is a founding member of the Drug Users’ Health Collective, which seeks to bring together diverse professionals and community members to reform drug policy, focusing on safe consumption and reduced criminalization.

Lisa Covington
Adjunct Faculty
Social Justice Practicum, Online

Covington models and practices the core values of social justice daily, sharing personal examples of what it means to be an agent of change in the Social Justice Practicum. She drives initiatives that support the dismantling of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism throughout her work leading the Black Lives Matter at School initiatives in Iowa and as director of the Ethnic Studies Learning Academy, which connects high school-aged Black girls with their narrative and reinforces their Black identity. She has also partnered with several school districts and higher education institutions to implement programs that ensure BIPOC voices are heard and stories reaffirmed.

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