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Alumni Profile: Brittany Bediako


Adler University Alumni: Brittany Bediako
M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program, 2020

Adler’s online program connects students remotely

Adler University helped to hone my skills as a human resource professional and truly prepared me to play an active and effective role in my field. I was in one of the first online cohorts that participated in the Social Justice Practicum (SJP). The SJP was an entire set of courses that needed to be completed in addition to our regular course load. As a mother and wife who worked full-time, it was initially overwhelming. I learned that many of the professionals in my cohort were experiencing the same struggles, which we openly shared and bonded over. Even though we were all online and in different geographic locations, we collaborated well and, in some cases, built lasting connections. I am still connected to or in contact with many from my cohort today.

One of the aspects I am very grateful for is that I was able to see real-life application of my education right out of the gate. My professors and coursework provided so much perspective to things I have had to work through over the course of my career. Today, I am the Associate Director of HR for a technology firm in Ohio. I am able to do what I am passionate about, including organizational and employee development, and helping team members create professional development roadmaps to guide their advancement. Adler provided me with the tools to be able to look at an organization from a big-picture perspective, further identifying and leveraging how each team member’s individual goals contribute to the whole.

Adler’s focus on social justice has also contributed to my professional path. There is an inherent lack of diversity in technology. I work to actively involve more diverse candidates in the field, both directly and indirectly. I also work to ensure equity in candidate selection and get involved in groups that support engaging more brown and black faces in the field of IT.

My Adler experience was positive and well worth the investment for me, both professionally and personally.

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