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From Istanbul to APA:
Changing the Narrative
For Immigrant Women


Stories | 08.09.22

‘More meaning to my life': Adler University student shares education, career journey

Having spent five years working in hospitality for Marriott Hotels, Samantha Jones was growing frustrated with the industry. “I was feeling really lost and not quite sure what to do with my life,” she said, describing the work as feeling inauthentic. “I knew I needed to be able to help people, but in a way […]

Stories | 07.25.22

988 fills gap in mental health crisis

Those seeking help during a mental health crisis or are experiencing suicidal thoughts in the U.S. can simply text or call the numbers 9-8-8. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched July 16 the new three-digit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline — similar to the 911 emergency number. Its goal: to make it […]

Stories | 06.22.22

Becoming the Change She Wanted to See

Morris left after her first year in law school, determined to find a better fit for her graduate education. And she found it in Adler University’s accelerated Master of Public Policy program, with a focus on human rights advocacy.

Stories | 06.09.22

How One Image Moved a Mother to Create Change

When Anne Bélanger received her son’s second-grade class picture in 2013, a wave of emotion hit her. While Miles was among his peers, they were grouped together, but he was positioned off to the side in his wheelchair. The moment sparked her passion for advocacy and set the course of her life in a different direction.

Stories | 05.18.22

Mental Health Awareness: Cleaning Your Virtual Home

Mental Health Awareness Month is a good reminder that where we spend our time matters. This spring, focus on cleaning up and curating your social media feed.

Stories | 04.27.22

Changing Perspectives and Advancing Social Justice in the Pacific Northwest

Taking action of his own, what started as a vision has come to light, earning Clay one of Adler University’s most coveted honors, the Alfred Adler Social Justice Award.

Stories | 04.14.22

From Istanbul to APA: Changing the Narrative for Immigrant Women

When Tuzun started studying psychology in 2009, she was more than 5,000 miles away from Adler University. After one giant leap of courage, a school transfer, and five years of refining her research, her hard work paid off.

Stories | 03.29.22

Ukraine at Home: Talking to Children About War 

As the world watches unprovoked attacks on Ukraine, it is imperative adults are equipped with the right tools to speak with children. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, Marina Bluvshtein offers advice to help with these challenging conversations.  

Stories | 03.21.22

New eBook Brings Community Psychology to Life in the Classroom

While traditional textbooks have a multitude of theories, Geraldine Palmer, Ph.D., saw the need for real examples of community psychology in action. As an experienced community psychologist herself, she decided to make one of her own.

Stories | 03.14.22

Paving the Way for Intentional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in River Forest

For Bachner, 2020 provided a unique opportunity to build diversity, equity, and inclusion within her community.

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