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Chicago | Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.)

Geraldine (Geri) L. Palmer, Ph.D., M.S.H.S.A.



My teaching philosophy is grounded in my personal belief in equitable spaces, where diversity in all its facets is celebrated, not tolerated. In my classroom, students’ “exit tickets” after a class or semester are not only passing summative assessment measures to determine learning outcomes. What’s equally important is if I know they are beginning to see and navigate life through different or expanded lenses, centering on social and racial justice. This paradigm shift does not necessarily change what they see, but rather my hope is that the students create spaces for change by seeing more of a person’s humanity. My hope is also that their worldviews are influenced by understanding the social construction of differences, what those differences mean, and how people experience those differences. This means that students are learning, developing critical consciousness, and holding space for difference.

As a community psychologist, of which Alfred Adler is noted as the first community psychologist, I encourage students to apply psychology from an ecological approach, as individuals are members of a community and therefore shape and are shaped and influenced by others. Thus, from the micro to the macro level, environment and settings matter to an individual’s overall health and well-being.

My research interests and community praxis are centered on better understanding historical or intergenerational trauma, particularly among African Americans, ways of healing and restoring communities, decoloniality and liberation movements, housing and homelessness correlations, and all things relative to the biopsychosocial and cultural well-being of BIPOC.

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  • Ph.D., Community Psychology, National Louis University
  • M.S., Human Services Administration, Spertus College
  • B.A., Business Studies/Marketing, Kendall College
Areas of Expertise and Academic Research Interests

Areas of Expertise and Academic Research Interests

  • Community psychology
  • Cultural diversity
  • African American/Black studies
  • Social justice studies
  • Human services/nonprofit sector
Professional Memberships

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association (APA), Division 27, Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA)
  • Council on Cultural, Ethnic, & Racial Affairs (CERA) of SCRA, Interim Co-Chair/Past Chair
  • African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS)
  • SCRA Publications Committee
  • Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA)
  • Midwestern Psychological Association
Select Publications

Select Publications

  • Palmer, G., Rogers, T., & Wilkins, N. (2023). Investigating historical trauma prevalence and
    transmission pathways among African Americans: Centering community wellness practices.
    Psychological Thought, 16(1), 15-44.
  • Palmer, G. (2023). Looted artifacts and museums’ perpetuation of imperialism and racism:
    Implications for preserving cultural heritage. American Journal of Community Psychology.
  • Palmer, G., Rogers, T., Viola, J., & Engel, M. (2021). (Eds) Case studies in community psychology
    practice: A global lens. Rebus/Press Books.
  • Beals, A.M., Thomas, D., Fernández, J.S., Wilson, C.L., & Palmer, G. (2021). Resisting the coloniality
    and colonialism of a westernized community psychology: Toward a critical racial justice praxis.
    Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 12(2), 1 – 22.
  • Palmer, G., Ferńandez, J. S., Thomas, D., Lee, G., Masud, H… Bernai, I. (2019). Oppression and power.
    In L.A. Jason, O. Glantsman, J. F. O’Brien, & K. N. Ramian (Eds.), Introduction to community
    psychology: Becoming an agent of change. Montreal, Canada: Rebus Press.
Select Presentations

Select Presentations

  • Palmer, G., (2023). The role of culture and historical context in conceptualizing African feminism. In
    Reflections on South Africa’s Context. Scholarly panel delivered at the Sindiwe Magona 2023
    Conference, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
  • Advancing Epistemic Justice: Decolonizing Knowledge Creation and Dissemination, presented at
    the 2023 SCRA Biennial Conference, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
  • Envisioning Psychology Beyond the Historic University System: Decolonizing Knowledge Creation
    and Dissemination Pre-Conference Workshop presented at the 2023 SCRA Biennial Conference,
    Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
  • Envisioning Psychology Beyond the Historic University System: Decolonizing Knowledge Creation
    and Dissemination Pre-Conference Workshop presented at the 2023 SCRA Biennial Conference,
    Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA
  • “Purpose prevails when all else fails” Keynote Address delivered at the Virtual Midwest ECO-
    Conference, November 13, 2021
  • “Dismantling oppression: Praxis of disrupting power”, Closing Plenary Session; presented at the
    Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) 18th Biennial Conference, June 21-26, 2021


  • Alumni Spotlight: National Louis University Alumni Association Newsletter, 2021
  • Outstanding Nonprofit Partner Award, Governors State University Pi Alpha Chapter, 2016
  • Community Treasure Award, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County & The African American Employees Committee, Chicago, IL, 2015
  • A Phenomenal Woman Award in Human Services & Social Justice, The Reaching Back Foundation, 2014

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